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I'm an anime lover and a game freak, I especially love yaoi :la: SoRiku, AkuRoku, CloudxLeon, and WanLink are my favorite couples. I like ZeLink too (obviously) I'm really hyper, I know how to be myself, but there's nothing I love more than to write stories and draw crazy stuffs!!! ^___^ Except for country and rap, I love all music!!!!!!! Evanescence is my favorite cuz Amy Lee is just so awesome :heart: I like mainly screamo though like Black Veil Brides, Confide, and We Came As Romans but I'm also a huge fan of Slayer, Avenged Sevenfold, and As I Lay Dying :headbang: (Yes, I am a headbanger ;) Haha) I also love to Jumpstyle XD Deadmau5, Daft Punk, and Feed Me are my heroes :heart: You wanna get to know me better? Here's a hint: I'm a big sis to anyone!!!! Anything else, you'll just have to ask! ^^

oh yea, one more thing... CHICKEN!!! XD :iconchickenplz:

Current Residence: AWESOMEtown haha
Favourite genre of music: Screamo but I like a lot more
Favourite photographer: Xrisoka! ^___^
Favourite style of art: Anime
MP3 player of choice: my phone :meow:
Wallpaper of choice: Link, Ed, Sora
Favourite cartoon character: Double D(from Ed, Edd and Eddy) and Finn! :D
Personal Quote: Everything Happens For A Reason.


Separated Paradise: Chapter 4
  Gale and I texted each other for a little while until he told me that Clara was back and he didn’t want her to start anything so he would text me later.
  I was a little sad that he couldn’t text anymore, but I was more than happy that I actually had someone to talk to.
  I was so riled up that I didn’t even want to sleep, so I got on my favorite art website on my phone until I felt tired enough to sleep.
  The next morning, I woke up to a text at 6:43 AM. Confused that a text woke me up earlier than my alarm, I looked at it and I was instantly awake at Gale’s name over a message that said, “Good morning! Sorry if I woke you I just got back from my morning run and was wondering if I could stop by and say hey :)
  I immediately jumped out of bed and looked at myself in my small mirror. In the faint light of the rising sun peeking through my window blinds, I looked good enough, so I rushed to my front door.
  After I opened it, I looked to my right down the hallway to see if Gale was coming toward me, but I nearly jumped out of my black pajama pants when I realized Gale was leaning against the door frame of my front door looking at his phone.
  He looked up from his phone when I let out a startled yelp, and he chuckled a bit, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to say hi before Clara woke up and kept me inside.”
  I took in a deep breath, regaining my senses, “It’s fine, I saw your text… I was just about to wake up anyway; I have to go take a shower for school.” I stated, trying to wake myself up so I wouldn’t sound so sleepy.
  He chuckled, “I’ll let you get rest then. Did you need a ride to school?”
  I stared at him with awe and disbelief. “Wait, what?”
  “You take the bus, don’t you? I always see you take off on the bus after I get home from my morning runs. If you wanted a ride, I can give you one. I’ll just tell Clara that I have to go give a coworker a ride to work. I’m sure she won’t notice anyway.”
  I struggled at what to say to him, but all I ended up doing was just nodding like an idiot.
  “Cool, text me when you’re ready to go. I’ll let you take a shower and get ready.” He chuckled as he turned around toward his door.
  I closed my door, then immediately rushed to the bathroom. I had never taken a quicker shower before, and I was so excited that I almost forgot to brush my teeth when I was done showering.
  I got dressed in my “school” clothes that consisted of my black “Killswitch Engage” black hoodie and black jeans that were comfortably tucked into my black leather boots. Then I grabbed my backpack after making sure all of my school supplies- along with my charcoal drawing supplies- were in it.
  I locked my front door behind me and texted Gale.
  Though, as soon as I sent the text to him, I heard his door open, and I looked up with a smile starting to form. But my smile instantly shattered when I saw Clara come out instead of Gale like I was expecting.
  I stood there, frozen as her blue eyes coldly glanced at me, and then she turned around, walking down the hallway as if I didn’t exist. Though that was the first time I was actually glad someone ignored me. The last thing I wanted was for Clara to turn her anger on me just because I was talking to her husband.
  What the fuck was I doing? I had a crush on a married man, I was looking forward to just getting a ride to school from him. This was exactly the reason why I distanced myself from people in the first place- to keep myself from getting attached. I had never had any experience with relationships, but I had heard enough of the horror stories from my parents and seen enough of the drama from school to know to avoid relationships so I wouldn’t get hurt.
  Just because I finally allowed myself to have a crush did not mean I should have involved myself in any way. I was terrified. Not only of his wife, but also of being the one he ends up tossing away.
  I looked down at my hands and bit my lip. I really didn’t want to get myself mixed up in bullshit… but… I could have at least one friend… right?
  “Hey, you all right?”
  My head snapped back up, realizing that I hadn’t even heard Gale coming until he was right in front of me. I swallowed hard, and I decided to just act calm. He was my friend, and nothing more.
  I tried to give him my best smile, but I felt so weak, and all I could say was, “Yeah, let’s go.”
  The whole drive to school, I listened to him talk about his favorite bands, and I tried my best to respond to him, but my emotions had just dropped to an uncontrollable level.
  The entire day of school was the complete opposite from the day before. I really didn’t feel motivated to do any kind of work, so the entire day I sat in my desks from class to class basically staring at my pencils.
  It was days like these that I was glad that I didn’t have any friends to ask me what was wrong. I wasn’t sure if I could handle having to explain why I was feeling the way I did.
  As soon as school was over, I just wanted it to rain so I could walk home by myself. But the sun was shining brightly, and I rode the bus like I always did.    
  After texting my mom to let her know that I got home from school alright, I sat on my bed and took off my boots. I grunted in frustration as I fell back on my bed. I didn’t even feel like turning on my music because I just wanted my existence to wipe clean from Gale’s mind. I should have just stuck to watching him smoke his e-cigs out in front of the apartments.
  I heard my phone go off, and I looked at it to see my mom had texted me back. She told me that her and my dad were about to go watch the football game and that she wished I was there with them.
  She knew I didn’t like football, so I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much as they would, but I still replied with a “Me too love you” and left it at that, hoping she would be too busy to text me back.
  I pulled off my hoodie and dropped it onto my floor. There was no point in trying to ask Gale about Saturday, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to go anymore. I was just torturing myself every time I thought about him. Why did I do that to myself? Why couldn’t I just think about him without getting the feelings that I got from him? I wanted to at least be his friend, but my stomach fluttered every time he came to my mind. Even though I was nervous around him, I still felt more comfortable around him more than anyone else.
  How did he do that to me?
  Suddenly, my phone vibrated and scared me away from my thoughts. I looked at the screen, and saw Gale’s name above a message that read, “Hey did you get home alright?”
  I gulped, and I couldn’t help but text back, “Yea don’t worry”.
  Within the next two minutes after I had sent it, he texted me back, “That’s good I’ll be at work until 6 tonight but I’m pretty excited for tomorrow :)”.
  I laid my head back on my pillow. I wanted to see him again, especially since this would be the first time I ever got invited somewhere on a weekend, but I had to keep my feelings under control. I took in a deep breath to try and relax, and then replied, “Me too :)”.
  I had to suck it up. I mean, Gale seemed perfectly fine with being friends with me. I just had to accept that and make sure my stupid emotions didn’t get in the way of a friendship.
  He texted back, “And don’t worry about my friends they’re not a mean bunch just a little loud lol”.
  I replied, “It doesn’t bother me I like my music loud so I’m sure I can handle it”.
  I started to feel a bit better knowing that he was just as excited as I had been. I convinced myself that this wasn’t going to be as hard as I thought.
  Looking over at the painting I had finished yesterday, I decided to make a frame for it. I grabbed it along with some paint, and after I changed into my painting clothes, I started to paint a colorful border around Gale’s face and dark background.
  Painting always relaxed me, and the more I painted around this piece that I was so proud of, the more at-ease I became at the thought of just being Gale’s friend.
  Once I was done, I had convinced myself that I was more than lucky to be able to talk to Gale and that I couldn’t ask for a better friend.
  I smiled at my painting, feeling excited again at the thought of hanging out with Gale and his friends.
  While I texted Gale back, I warmed up the chicken from yesterday and got on my computer as I ate and texted Gale. I texted him right up until six o’ clock, and then I could hear the faint sounds of Clara’s and Gale’s voices on the other side of my room’s wall. They weren’t loud enough for me to make out what they were saying, but I decided to turn on my music finally to drown them out.
  I wanted to stay uplifted for tomorrow, and I fell asleep with calmness in my heart and anxiety in my brain.
Separated Paradise: Chapter 3
  The next day, I went to school in absolute bliss, not really paying much attention to the teachers. All I could think about was Gale and how far away Saturday felt. It may have been Thursday, but it felt like Saturday would never come.
  Finally, the school day was over, and I rode the bus home, wondering if Gale would be there. Unfortunately, when I got to the apartment building, I didn’t see Gale’s black BMW car there, so I went up to my apartment, knowing my parents wouldn’t be there like they usually would be since they had left in the morning.
  I immediately pulled out all of my oil paints, and I picked out one of the biggest canvases I had. I had been thinking of Gale’s face all day, and I was eager to paint the image into reality.
  Since my parents weren’t home, I played my heavy metal music through the speakers of my computer instead of putting on my headphones like I normally would. With that, I started to sketch out guidelines for the portrait itself with a lead pencil, anxious to get to the painting part.
  When I finally got to use my colors, I made sure that every stroke of my brush was careful and steady. Especially around his eyes, the light yet deep hazel, and I tried hard to capture the kindness in them. I surrounded his face with darker colors in contrast to his lighter brown skin.
  By the time I was done, it was seven o’ clock, and my arms were spotted and brushed with different colors- proof that I had been doing nothing but painting. This made me realize that I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch at school.
  But I was completely fine with that as I stared contently at my painting. It wasn’t as good as the real thing, but my memory definitely served me well because I loved to see Gale’s kind gaze.
  I wasn’t sure if he’d approve of me drawing a portrait of him without telling him first, but I was pretty proud of how it turned out, nonetheless.
  Suddenly, one of the default ringers on my phone overpowered my music, and I picked it up from my bed to see that my mom was calling me. I immediately turned down the speakers on my computer before I pressed the green button.
  “Hello?” I answered, placing it against my ear.
  “Hi, Hun, how is everything going over there?” My mom asked.
  “Good, same old, same old.” I replied as I admired my painting.
  “Have you eaten?” She inquired, almost accusingly as if she knew I hadn’t.
  “Yes, Mom, don’t worry.” I fibbed, knowing she would get onto me if I told her I hadn’t yet. “How are things where you’re at?”
  “We just got to Dallas, we’re about to go check into the hotel. The game is tomorrow so I’ll try to send you a text as much as I can. If you need anything, you better call us, okay?”
  “I will, Mom.”
  “If anything happens, don’t be afraid to ask our neighbors for help, okay? And if you have friends over, just be sure to clean up after.” My mom encouraged. She knew that I hadn’t made any friends in this unfamiliar city yet, but every so often she would try to get me to go out like normal kids. Sometimes I wondered if she secretly wished I would sneak out like other teenagers.
  “I don’t really have any friends, but okay, Mom.”
  “Don’t stay cooped up in your room, Tory. I have to go; your dad and I love you!” She said, and I could hear her kissing the phone.
  “Love you guys too. Bye.” With that, we hung up, and I turned my music back up.
  Though, just as I was about to get up to get some food, I heard a knock.
  Confused, I wondered who could be here as I stood up and started heading for my door. But when I heard the knock again, I heard it from behind me, so I turned my music back down to figure out what was going on.
  “Hey! You there, Tory?” I heard the pleasantly familiar voice being muffled through the wall along with another knock.
  “Yeah!” I shouted, getting excited.
  “Come over!” I heard him yell.
  I almost stopped breathing, and I had to remember to turn off my computer and grab my key before I rushed out of my room. I was still in my painting clothes, but I felt like if I couldn’t even lock my apartment door fast enough, I definitely wouldn’t have enough time to change into my nice clothing. So my faded and paint-spotted Slayer t-shirt and old black cargo pants ripped at the knees would have to do.
  I stuffed my key into my pocket as I stopped in front of Gale’s apartment door. My heart was going insane as my trembling hand lifted to knock on his door.
  But before I could even use my muscles to knock, the door opened up with Gale standing in the doorway, and he grinned at me. “Hey, sorry if I was bugging you. I could hear your music though the wall and I just wanted you know if you’d like to chill for a bit.”
  “Um, where is…?” I looked a little past him to see if his blond wife was glaring at me.
  “Clara? She’s having a girl’s night out. Not that I really care. She’s out of my hair, so I have the place to myself tonight. Come on in, Tory.” He stepped aside, inviting me in.
  I hesitantly walked in, my excitement suddenly draining to nervousness. His apartment wasn’t like I expected, I expected it to be a little more… punk, since he would always wear mostly black clothing. He didn’t wear leather jackets and large pants with chains on them like I did, but he definitely didn’t dress trendy like Clara.
  His apartment seemed pretty normal, aside from a few dumbbells next to the door.
  “Come on; let’s go to my ‘cave’, as Clara calls it.” He started to walk past the living room, into an open doorway that had a couch in the center of the room facing toward a TV on a wooden entertainment center. It was decorated with dragon sculptures along with three different game consoles and a ton of games neatly on the bottom shelf. There was also a huge, decorative black axe hanging on the wall, which led me to think that he and I had more common likes than I thought.
  “Do you like video games?” He asked, kneeling down in front of his entertainment center.
  I nodded, “I play a little bit, but I don’t have nearly as many games downloaded onto my computer as this.”
  “Ah, so you’re more of a PC gamer. Well, have you played Call of Duty?” He asked, pulling out a game case from his shelf.
  “I’ve played it a little.” I bashfully said, wondering if this was a good idea. I was terrible at shooter games.
  “I love this game; it’s a great party game. Don’t worry though; I couldn’t throw a party here even if I wanted to. If Clara saw just you here, she’d flip her lid. But it’s easier to get one person outta here instead of fifteen.” He took the disc out of its case.
  I suddenly became concerned, and the last thing I wanted was for him and Clara to fight again. “I’m not going to get you in trouble, am I?” I gulped.
  “Nah, and even if she did come home early, she can kiss my ass. I need some chill time.” He said as he put the disc into the “Playstation 3” slot and turned it on.
  “Your chill time is definitely not the same as mine…” I thought about how I relaxed by painting, but I was glad that he wanted to include me.
  “Well, I just want hang with someone who doesn’t know Clara personally. Hell, even my co-workers know Clara in some way or another, and usually, they can’t keep their damn mouths shut.” He sat down on the couch as he held out a controller to me. “Go ahead and sit down. Relax.”
  I could feel my face blush as I took the controller and sat next to him on the leather brown couch, being sure to keep my distance.
  “So what’s your deal, Tory? I remember seeing you move in a while back, but I couldn’t introduce myself because I had to work. Where did you live before you came here?” He asked, starting the game up.
  My nervousness was making my mouth dry, so I swallowed to make some sensible noise. “Um, I lived in Seattle, Washington before my parents decided to move down here to Oklahoma.”
  “Really? Wow, that’s a big move. Why move here?”
  “My parents said there were better job offers down here. I just wish they would have waited until I graduated. I’m not very good at making friends…” I admitted.
  “Yeah, you don’t really seem like the talkative type. I only ever hear your music. Nice taste, by the way. I’m more of a punk rock guy myself, but Clara hates it so I can only listen to it on my morning runs.” He explained as he chose multiplayer. “Did you wanna play zombies? Do you know how to play?” He looked at me.
  I nodded, “I know the basics, but I’m not that good.”
  He chuckled lightheartedly, “That’s cool, practice makes perfect. Anyway, why couldn’t your parents wait to move? They must know that you would have a hard time at a new school- especially since you’re a senior.”
  I blushed even more, pretty sure that my face was red already. I never had someone who was so genuinely interested in what I said that he remembered what we talked about the last time I saw him. “M-my parents wanted me to make more than just the two friends I had back home. But if anything, it just made it worse for me. The only reason I had even those two friends was because they talked to me in classes. Now that I think about it, they weren’t even my friends.” I stared down at my hands holding the controller, realizing how much of a loser I really was.
  “Get ready for the first round.” Gale warned, and I suddenly remembered that we were playing a game, so I looked up at the screen. “But no, your real friends are the ones who keep in touch with you even if you move or graduate. I found out who was my real friend whenever it was too late to get into contact with him again. So don’t worry, know that you have a friend right next door to you. I’m only a knock away.”
  I looked at him with awestruck surprise. I felt his words were genuine, as if they held me up and warmly brushed against my face.
  He glanced at me with a smile, “You’d better rebuild that barrier, or the zombies are gonna get you.”
  I had to remind myself again that we were playing a game, and my attention immediately reverted back to the TV. But my mind was still on the fact that he was my friend, and even though it was hard for me to accept, it somehow made me feel really good about myself.
  “So what other bands do you like? I remember hearing Korn.” He asked, and I was caught a little off-guard, but then again, I was really flustered.
  “Um, Megadeth, As I Lay Dying, Pantera… Bands like that…” I said bashfully, surprised that he was able to hear Korn playing through the wall.
  “Wow, I didn’t think the younger generation liked the same stuff I did.”
  “How old are you?” I asked curiously.
  “Me? I’m twenty-three. But a lot of people think I’m younger. Personally, I think it’s because of my hair.” He chuckled.
  I was suddenly really embarrassed that I had thought he was older just because he was married.
  “And you’re gonna be eighteen soon right? You look young for your age too, why do you think that is?” He asked.
  “Um, I guess it might be my hair too…” I glanced at him as I tried to focus on killing zombies.
  “Nah, you know what it is?”
  I looked at him after I killed a zombie, and he glanced at me with a smile, “It’s your face.”
  I blinked for a moment before I could look back at the TV to keep playing the game, but I kept glancing at him. “What do you mean?”
  “You kinda have a baby-face. It makes you look a lot younger than you are.” He said nonchalantly as if it didn’t make my whole face flush.
  I looked away as I continued to kill zombies, hoping he wouldn’t see my red face. But just at that moment, a loud growl was heard from my stomach. He immediately started to chuckle, which made me want to die from embarrassment.
  “I’m sorry to laugh. It’s just that I’ve never actually heard someone’s stomach growl that loudly before. Here, I’ll make you something to eat.” He said as he paused the game.
  “Uh, that’s okay, I-I have food at home…” I started to say, even though I really didn’t want to leave.
  “Nah, it’s fine. Come on.” He stood up with his smile enticing me to stand with him.
  With a hot face, I followed him back into the living room and toward the back of the apartment into a kitchen.
  “What do you like to eat?” He asked as he opened his fridge. “I can make you some grilled chicken, or some pork chops. Hell, I can even make you some soup, if that’s what you feel like.” He looked at me, his eyes seeming to smile as bright as his lips.
  I looked down at my feet, trying to figure out what I really wanted to eat, even though I still felt bad that he was feeding me. “Uh, I like grilled chicken…” I bashfully said.
  “Grilled chicken it is then! I’m actually getting hungry myself, so I’ll make some for the both of us.” He stated as he reached into the fridge for the ingredients. “Make yourself at home; go and have a seat at the table.”
  I looked over to the far side of the kitchen to see a small square table against the wall with two chairs on either side of it. It was plainly obvious that two people lived here, instead of the three people in my apartment.
  As he started to prepare everything, I studied my surroundings, noticing that they had a very different taste in home decoration than my parents did. They had hardly anything hanging on the walls other than a few shelves with some random animal figurines next to spices, chips and sweet snacks.
  I thought of my kitchen that my mom had decorated with geese things since that was her favorite animal, and she was the one who organized where all the food would go. My dad was the one who decorated the living room with lighthouses, while I decorated my room with heavy metal band posters.
  “Thank you.” I suddenly remembered my manners.
  He studied my face with confusion in his eyes, and he chuckled. “For what? Making you food? I invited you over, the least I can do is feed you.”
  “Well, it’s just that even back where I used to live, the friends I had never invited me to their houses, so I’ve never had any opportunities like this to just hang out and eat with someone who’s not my parents.” I explained, realizing that I was more of a hermit than I thought.
  He stopped for a moment, staring at me with such surprise that it almost made me feel uncomfortable. “You really don’t know how to talk to people then, do you? I just thought you didn’t know how to start a conversation. I’m sorry. But hey, just know that you can be comfortable around me. I don’t judge other people- that’s too much trouble to stress about. Life’s easier when you talk to everyone.”
  I was astounded at how accepting he was. He wasn’t like anyone I had met in my old school. My old friends weren’t even as welcoming as he was. “So you don’t care that I’m quiet and dress differently?” I asked.
  “What? Of course I care. But not in the way you think. You see, I’m pretty out there too. I just wish I could be brave enough to show it like you do. I just want you to speak your mind, because you are very quiet, anyone can see that, but the fact that you show your personality in how you act and how you dress means a lot.” His smile was comforting.
  “I-I’m not brave, it took me a lot of courage just to talk to you the other night- and really the only reason why I went downstairs is because you sounded so angry and I wanted to make sure you were all right…” I replied, hoping he wouldn’t lose that flattering view of me.
  “Maybe you’re not brave in socializing with people, but I would think it takes a really courageous person to be as shy as you are and still dress in whatever you want. I mean, you look pretty good in that paint-spattered shirt and pants, and I’ve seen you when you’ve been really decked out in black.” He continued making the chicken as he talked.
  I sat there dumbfounded and with a red face, unable to comprehend the uplifting words he spoke to me. “Gale, I wish I could talk to people like you can, but that… that made me feel really nice…” I smiled, trying to hide my blush.
  “I’m glad. Don’t let people intimidate you; you’re worth a lot more than you think.”
  I sat there with my face looking like a cherry, but my heart light as a feather even when it was filled with happiness.
  “It’s almost done. Did you want any special seasoning on it? We don’t have much, but I can put a little bit at least.” He glanced at me as the chicken sizzled.
  “Um, I like garlic powder…” I managed to say past my shyness.
  “I got that.” He took a small bottle from the shelf and shook some garlic powder onto the chicken, then he served it to me with a fork once it was done, and went back to cook his own chicken.
  My mouth started to water as I saw it, the smell becoming stronger, and I picked up the fork he gave to me. “Thank you, again.”
  “Yeah, no prob. Just don’t choke. I like chili powder on mine, that’s why I asked since not too many people like chili powder on everything like I do.” He served himself and sat down across from me.
  I picked at the chicken, taking a huge bite once I tore it apart.
  “There you go, don’t be afraid to eat it. I’m gonna dig right in too, if you don’t mind.” He stabbed his fork into the chicken breast, taking a huge chunk off of it with his teeth.
  I couldn’t help the smile that crossed my face as I took another bite, loving the taste of the garlic mixed with the juicy chicken.
  “Good choice, Tory. This is pretty good- if I do say so myself.” He took another bite.
  “Mm-hmm.” I mumbled approvingly as I chewed, feeling so giddy. I never wanted this to end, even if I did feel really awkward. Though, I still felt strangely comfortable, despite everything.
  But then a loud ringer interrupted both of our smiles. With an annoyed groan, Gale pulled out a phone from his back pocket and slid his finger across the touchscreen. “Yeah?” He answered with such a monotone voice that it completely caught me off-guard. “No, I’m still at home. I told you a hundred times before that I’m not cheating… Okay… See you in an hour then… Yeah, but your ‘in a bit’ usually means an hour… Whatever, okay, bye.” Then he slid his finger on the screen again and put his phone on the table almost aggressively.
  “Sorry about that, Clara is on her way back, or so she says anyway. She usually takes forever to come back. I swear, she always accuses me of cheating when she’s the one who wants to stay out all day and night. I would be able to have a party with prostitutes and still have enough time to clean up afterwards. Not that I would though, I don’t want to give her the satisfaction of her being right.”
  I sat there and ate, pondering on his words, then spoke after I swallowed. “Is that the only reason?” I asked.
  “What? The fact that I won’t cheat on her? Nah, I’m not one to be a cheater. Besides, if I tell the truth then she has no solid proof that I’ve been doing anything, and I have no reason to accuse her.” He took another bite of his food.
  “I don’t see why she doesn’t trust you.” I wondered aloud, seeing how honest he was.
  “Well, I understand why she doesn’t. She’s been through a lot of shit, especially with guys, so I try my best to prove her wrong. Not all guys are the same, but she really doesn’t give me any slack. But it’s whatever. I’ll just deal with it. I’m just trying to make sure we don’t get into another fight like last night, that’s why I didn’t say anything when she took off today to spend time with her friends.”
  I suddenly felt bad for Gale. He was trying so hard to keep her happy but she was just giving him more bullshit. She was so unappreciative, I felt like she didn’t see the amazing person that she could hold whenever she wanted, and she couldn’t see Gale as the wonderful husband he was trying to be for her.
  I suddenly lost my appetite because of a sour taste in my mouth, despite the fact that the chicken itself was delicious. “I don’t want you two to get into another fight just because I’m here. You don’t need that. Thank you for the food though, it was delicious.” I stood up, not wanting to overstay my welcome, but most of all, not wanting to show Gale my angry side.
  “Hey, wait, you don’t have to leave yet. Clara won’t be home for a good while.” He insisted, but as much as I wanted to stay, I wasn’t used to being in anyone’s presence when I was mad.
  “I just don’t want to be the cause of more grief for you, but I hope that we can still hang out Saturday.” I looked at him with hopeful eyes.
  “Of course! Here, let me give you my number.” He picked up his phone.
  I grinned, feeling better as I reached for my phone that I usually kept in my right pocket, but I panicked when I remembered that I had left my phone on my bed after my mom had called. “Uh, I left it in my room.”
  “That’s okay, what’s your number?” He unlocked his phone, ready to type in my number.
  I struggled to remember my number, and then said it as soon as I remembered before I could lose it again.
  “Whoa, give me a second.” He chuckled as he typed on his touchscreen phone. “There, got it. I’ll shoot you a text right now so you’ll have my number. He smiled at me, and I smiled back in pure joy.
  “Okay!” I was almost excited to go back to my room just to see the text but at the same time, I didn’t want to leave.
  “Did you want to take that with you?” He pointed at my half-eaten dinner.
  I looked at it and was tempted to eat the rest of it just so I could spend more time with Gale, but I really didn’t want to stay if Clara did come back early. “Um, if you don’t mind…”
  He chuckled as he stood up, “I don’t. Here…” He reached into one of his cabinets, and pulled out a plastic container with a lid. Once he put my chicken inside the container, he handed it to me with a smile. “There ya go. Just don’t forget to eat it.” He grinned.
  “I won’t. Um, I should get going…” I wasn’t exactly sure how to say good-bye.
  “If you insist, but hey, I’m only a text or a knock away. Just don’t be a stranger.” He started to walk into the living room. I admired how he seemed so casual about something that I was so uncomfortable about.
  “And on Saturday, I’ll let you meet my crew, but don’t be scared. They may be a loud bunch, but they mean well.” He assured me with a laugh as I followed him to his front door.
  I suddenly became really nervous and I started to question what the hell I had agreed to. But then Gale put his hand on my shoulder, which calmed me down.
  “I’ll see you later, okay? Shoot me a text sometime.” He told me with a smile.
  I smiled back at him, “Okay, I will.” I opened his door, and when I closed it behind me, I took in a deep breath. I could feel the excitement building up in me. “Yes!” I softly said to myself in a whisper, unable to keep my happiness in.
  I rushed back to my apartment, and went straight for my room, and picked up my phone from my bed. I had two unread messages. The newest one was from a number that I had never seen before, and it read, “Hi Tory! Its Gale :)
  I immediately hit the reply button and said, “Hi :)” Then I looked at the other message as I lied down on my bed with a huge smile on my face. It was from my mom, and she had asked me if everything was still good over here.
  I replied to her, “Going great mom dont worry about me :)
Separated Paradise Ch. 3
Let me know what you guys think and let me know if there are any typos please ^^;
Separated Paradise: Chapter 2
  “Don’t you walk away from me, Gale!”
  I woke up to the muffled voice of a woman coming from the other side of my wall.
  I opened my eyes, groggy, and it took me a second to remember that my room was the only room separating Gale’s and my apartment. I had heard him and his wife talk before, but never this clearly before, which made me wonder just how loud she had yelled.
  “That’s all I can do because there’s no fucking talking to you, Clara!” I heard Gale’s voice, and I never thought I would hear such a pleasant voice sound so angry. It almost scared me.
  “No talking to me? You’re the one who always hides out in this fucking room! You never want to sleep with me anymore! Is it because you’re sleeping with another woman?!” Her voice rose at that last part.
  “Are you serious right now? How the fuck could I be with another woman when you’re always on my ass about some bullshit? Besides I couldn’t handle another woman because I can barely handle you!” Gale snapped, and I wondered what his hazel eyes looked like when they were angry, but I didn’t really want to find out.
  “You’re such a bastard!”
  “And you’re such a bitch, but I never pointed it out before because I thought you could be better. I guess I was dead fucking wrong, now wasn’t I?” At this point, I had my ear pressed against the wall to hear his voice, and I admired his attitude, especially since I had always been someone with no backbone whatsoever.
  “Get out, Gale! Go fuck that other woman!” Clara shouted.
  “I just told you there is no other woman! But whatever, I’ll go sleep on the fucking streets! It’ll be better than dealing with your bitch-ass!”
  Then I could hear the muffled sound of a door slamming, and I heard Clara screaming in frustration along with stuff hitting the floor as if she was throwing things around.
  I wasn’t sure how to feel about what I had just heard, but I did have the extremely strong urge to make sure Gale was okay.
  Without thinking twice about it, I jumped out of bed and scrambled to get my boots on, glad that I wore pajama pants and a black shirt instead of just my boxers.
  I quietly sneaked out of my parents’ apartment, and hurried down the hallway to the staircase. I hoped Gale wasn’t too much quicker than I was, but I had a pretty good idea of where he would stop.
  As soon as I opened the door to the outside, it was just as I expected- he was standing there on top of the cement stairs taking out his e-cig to relieve his stress.
  “Are you okay?” I asked in one hurried breath.
  He looked at me with surprise and confusion, and then it seemed to click in his head. “Did you hear that up there? I’m so sorry, man. I didn’t mean to wake you up.” His attitude had completely changed within that little bit of time, and he was back to the polite, inviting tone that he had first introduced himself to me with.
  “Uh, it’s okay, but, um, it sounded pretty bad up there. I was just wondering how you were doing.” I suddenly started to wonder what the hell I had just gotten myself into- I was terrible at talking to people.
  “Yeah, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. I’ve dealt with that woman for a good long while now.” Then he chuckled, “You’d think I’d be used to it.”
  I shuffled my feet, realizing more and more that this was none of my business, but my curiosity was the only thing giving me the courage to talk so I decided to take advantage of it. “How long is that?”
  “What, me and my wife? We’ve been married for about five years, but I’ve known her since middle school.” He took a puff out of his e-cig as he sat down on the stairs. “Would you care to sit? But if you wanna go back to sleep, I totally understand. It’s just really nice to have someone to talk to that isn’t one of my co-workers or my goofball friends for once.”
  My heart skipped a beat and I could feel my cheeks get warm as I felt a grin go up on my face. “Um, sure.” I sat down on the step next to him, making sure to keep a reasonable distance so as not to make him- and myself- uncomfortable.
  “Thanks.” He smiled at me, pressing the e-cig to his lips like someone would with a regular cigarette, and the blue light at the tip illuminated his eyes which were filled with relaxation. “Yeah, me and Clara have known each other for a really long time. I just never realized how much of a handful she is until we started dating.” He continued as if he hadn’t stopped talking.
  “So why did you two stay together?” I asked curiously, feeling a bit more comfortable now that all of his attention wasn’t on me.
  “Well, that’s just the thing- in high school, we would throw insults at each other left and right, but it was more of a flirty thing, ya know?” He looked at me, and then puffed on his e-cig again before he kept going, “It was nice in school, there were three of us, and we were inseparable. Of course, before me and Clara finally started dating, me and my best friend were dating. But that…” His face suddenly went somber, “That couldn’t last, so we had to break up because none of our super-Christian parents approved. But my mom and dad loved Clara.” He puffed on his e-cig again, but this time, the gesture seemed to have anger behind it.
  “Why’s that?” I asked, my curiosity getting the better of any anxiety. I loved that I was finally learning about him; I had pictured it so many times, but I never thought I’d be in my pajama clothes if it ever happened.
  “Well, because she was a girl. And my best friend and I were both guys.” He sighed as my heart started to pound, “But I did come to love her- even though she got more and more crazier through the years.”
  I was awestruck, and it was like something was lifting me from the ground but I couldn’t quite place what it was.
  “What about you? Have you had a great love yet? You don’t look that much older from when me and my best friend were going out.” He looked at me with his beautiful hazel eyes that seemed to slam me back down to reality.
  “Uh, I-I’ve never really been interested in anyone…” I lied with a stutter, not wanting to say that I was completely interested in him.
  “Really? You’re a good-looking guy, I’m sure people have been interested in you.” His eyes studied my entire body.
  My eyes widened and my face was burning. “Uh, um, I-I, uh…” I squirmed and fiddled with my fingers.
  He suddenly laughed, but not the kind of mocking laugh that I would normally hear- it was a light, heartwarming laugh. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I just call ‘em like I see ‘em. You’re still young. You have to be at least sixteen, right?”
  My heart pounded against my chest so hard that I was sure he could hear it, but I managed to swallow and find my voice, “I-I’m actually about to turn e-eighteen in June…” I tried my best not to let my dry throat get the better of me.
  “No shit? Wow, you look really young. That’ll help when you get older. But I guess it doesn’t really matter for us guys, huh? I’m so used to Clara complaining that she looks old when she’s barely a year older than me.” He puffed his e-cig again as I tried my hardest to moisten my throat again.
  “I’m already a senior in high school…” I added, mainly talking to test out my voice.
  “That’s good. Just don’t rush to be an adult right after you graduate. Clara and I got married pretty much right after we were done with school, so I never really got to enjoy myself. That’s probably my biggest regret.” Then he looked at me with seriousness. “Don’t ever do anything you might regret, but don’t be afraid to take chances either, okay? Live life to the fullest and don’t ever settle for less.” His gaze suddenly went distant, and he paused for a moment.
  I studied his face, and then I gained my senses again. “Is that what you did? Settled for less?” I asked seriously.
  His grin was gone, and his eyes went down to the ground. “If I could have stopped myself, I probably would have. But I felt that Clara was the best I would ever get. I had only loved one other person in my life, and when he moved away, I started to think that it was just a little crush that I thought too much of. I still kind of do.”
  The words he spoke hit me hard, and I wondered if the crush I had for him was just something I needed to get the hell over.
  “I’m sorry, man. I didn’t mean to get so emotional on you. But I do appreciate you listening. I don’t think I introduced myself, I’m Gale.” But then he paused for a second, “Wait, yes, I have. You’re that guy I ran into a while back- the guy with all the charcoal pencils, right?” The realization in his smile matched the happiness in my chest that rose.
  “Yeah!” I nearly shouted, overjoyed that he had remembered me.
  “Your name is- don’t tell me- um… Tor-y?” He asked, stretching out my name as if he were unsure.
  I got so excited that I actually laughed as I turned closer to him. “Yes!”
  “I knew I had met you before! My memory can be a little fuzzy at times, sorry.”
  “No, no! I’m just really glad you remembered my name!” I chuckled happily, but then I got really embarrassed at my laugh. “N-no one really remembers my name.” I cleared my throat.
  “Don’t worry, I won’t forget. Hey, how about we do something tomorrow?”
  I almost jumped at that, but then I remembered I was supposed to be in bed. “Oh, I have school tomorrow…” Disappointment washed over me.
  “Oh, yeah, you’re still a senior. Well, how about Saturday then? It would be nice to actually have a day to chill with someone different. Hell, you might even get to meet my usual crowd. Sound good, Tory?”
  I nodded, almost too eagerly. “Yeah! Sounds great! Um…” I realized my excitement was getting the better of me because I was getting closer and closer to him, so I straightened myself up. “I’ll see you on Saturday then?”
  “Sure, don’t be a stranger though- we are neighbors after all.” He smiled.
  I couldn’t stop smiling, “Okay! Um, I’ll see you later, Gale!” I stood up, taking a few steps toward the door, though never taking my eyes off him.
  “Night, Tory.” He waved with a smile.
  I hurried back into my room, trying not to giggle like a little school-girl all the way there.
  That night was the first time I had ever fallen asleep with a smile on my face.
Separated Paradise: Chapter 1
  There he was again, sitting on the steps that led to the front doors of our apartment building. My room was on the second floor, in perfect view of him as he puffed on his e-cig, his blond-streaked black hair just long enough to cover his eyes from my sight- even though I knew they were a lovely hazel color.
  I always wondered why he didn’t just smoke actual cigarettes. I mean, he had to have had some kind of health complex or something.
  I had imagined this conversation between he and I so many times, but in the seven months that I had been living in the apartment right next door to his, I hadn’t talked to him since the first week I had moved here because I had been incredibly too shy to start up any kind of conversation. I wished way too often that I could see the blond highlights in his black hair along with his kind hazel eyes up close again instead of staring down at him from my bedroom window like a fucking creeper.
  All of this was even more stupid of me because he had a wife and he was probably in his early thirties- despite his youthful face- while I was a measly seventeen-year-old going on eighteen in three months.
  My infatuation with this untouchable guy started seven months ago when I moved to this city, and I had been transferred to a different school. I was the awkward, heavy-metal, emo-styled guy back home and it was no different at this new school, and I was even more uncomfortable since I had to transfer in the middle of the school year- I wasn’t exactly up for making any new friends.
  The few friends I had back home had completely forgotten about me since I didn’t get on social media like they did, so I was stuck in this new apartment, in my new room with my oil paintings and charcoal sketches. It was the only comfort I had in this unfamiliar place.
  It was the first Thursday morning I had been in this place, and I had woken up a little earlier than usual for school so I could finish one of my charcoal sketches while I waited for the bus.
  As I walked down the hallway, I made sure I had all my sketching materials in my pencil pouch while trying to pull one of my charcoal pencils to draw with at the bus stop. I wasn’t exactly paying attention to where I was going, and I ran right into someone, causing all of my charcoal pencils to drop all over the hallway.
  “Whoa, sorry, man. I was too busy turning off my music.”
  I looked up to see him with his beautiful hazel eyes, and his naturally black hair that was obviously streaked with blond dye was pulled back into a black beanie on his head except for the sides that trailed along his cheeks and jaw.
  “Uh, no, I-I’m sorry… I wasn’t looking where I was going…” I stammered, immediately realizing that I was staring at him and I bent down to pick up all my pencils.
  I expected him to just laugh and walk off like the kids from my old school always did when I did something embarrassing, so I was really surprised when I saw him bend down and help me.
  “Nah, it was all me, man, let me help.” He assured as he picked up a few of my pencils.
  I wasn’t sure how to react, so I quietly picked up my pencils that had fallen closer to me.
  “That’s a lot of charcoal, do you like to draw?” He asked as he held out a portion of my collection to me.
  I looked up at him, feeling my face flush and I bashfully nodded, “Yeah…”
  “That’s a pretty good hobby. Wish I could draw.” He stood up along as I did with an inviting smile while I took the pencils from his hand.
  I wasn’t sure how to respond; it was as if whatever little social skills I had just completely vanished.
  “Of course, I’ve never been real creative.” He shrugged jokingly, “But anyway, where are my manners? My name’s Gale.” He held his hand out to me again, only this time welcoming me to shake his hand.
  Trying my best to repair my posture, I shook his hand, hoping my nervousness wasn’t making my palms sweaty. “I’m Tory.”
  “Gale! It’s about fucking time! Hurry up!”
  I jumped at the angry voice, looking back to see a woman with long blond hair standing in the doorway leading into the apartment next to mine.
  “Yes, dear, I’m coming.” Gale said dryly, losing all the emotion in his voice as I could hear a faint grumble come from his throat. He gave me small grin. “Nice meeting you, Tory.”
  Then he walked toward the woman who cursed more at him as they both disappeared behind the door.
  My heart was pounding, and I wondered if I had just made a friend or not. All I knew was that when he said those last few words, he almost sounded like he was giving me a farewell.
  And now, seven months later, I’m staring at him from my bedroom window, and we hadn’t said a word to each other since those last few words.
  He blew out a final cloud from his e-cig, and then pushed it into his back pocket as he stood up. I watched him as turned in my direction and walked into the building.
  I wanted to meet him at his door and talk to him about things he liked, things he hated, and maybe hang out a while.
  But just as soon as the thought crossed my mind, I heard a knock on the other side of my bedroom door. I looked back to see my mom peek her head into my room as she opened my door.
  “Tory, lights out. There’s school tomorrow.” She said in her caring voice.
  “Okay, Mom.” I sat up in my computer chair that was next to my window, pretending that I had been on the computer this whole time, and I started to shut it down.
  “Just don’t forget to wash your hands if you’ve been drawing.” She reminded me, knowing how black my hands would get from the charcoal.
  “I didn’t draw, so I’m good, Mom.” I reassured her.
  “Okay, and don’t forget that your dad and I will be out of town for the next few days to see the football game, so I have plenty of food in the fridge for you.”
  “All right, Mom. Good night.” I got up from the chair next to my window and headed for my bed.
  “Good night, Tory. Sleep well.” She left my door open just a crack.
  Yet another day passed that my courage failed to show itself. I kept telling myself that talking to him would be much easier if he was at least my age and… not married. But I knew I was just being a coward. It was really dumb of me to think my little crush would amount to anything, but there was just something in my head that refused to let me get the hell over that one nice gesture he did for me. I mean, I didn’t even know him, and yet I always thought about him.
  I looked at myself in the mirror, seeing my dark brown eyes match my dark brown hair- other than the red tips that I had dyed myself- that reached down to my shoulders. I could see the sadness in my own face despite the fact that my face felt neutral.
  Maybe if I was actually sociable and not such a quiet little emo kid, I would be able to make friends in school that could help me. But I wasn’t even that lucky.
  I sighed as I turned off the lamp on my nightstand and got comfortable under my blanket.
  “Tomorrow, Tory. Hopefully…” I whispered to myself, and I slowly drifted to sleep.
Separated Paradise Ch. 1
So I haven't been on here in a while, but as you can see, I've been writing quite a bit! I'm probably gonna upload this entire story tonight, so be prepared my wonderful watchers whom I've missed so much! :heart: leave me feedback if you can please! It's nice to know when people are reading :meow:
After so many attempts at trying to finish my comic, and a few drawings, I've finally gotten a few things done! =D I've been writing so vigorously lately and I'm so excited to finish my newest story "Tug of Love" sooooo many twists and turns in it XD and I might even draw a few scenes from it as well cuz I just love the characters XD
I've been really getting into the "Pony Scene", and I have to admit I'm quite please with it XD Everyone tells me I act just like Pinkie Pie, and even though I'm not a huge fan of the color pink, I don't mind being a little character that brings happiness to others :meow: I really love Fluttershy though XD
The only problem I have is that people look down on people who like MLP and I don't understand why. I don't know about anyone else, but the show makes me all happy inside :dummy:
Anyway! I'm going to get back to writing, so excited! :iconyayzplz:

Chicken out :iconcuccoplz:
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